Into the Artmosphere 2020

Into the Artmosphere is Oika’s core educational program for artists. Throughout 2020 Dr. Rich Blundell is traveling to diverse artistic communities introducing the principles and practices of ecological intelligence. 

Each instance of Into the Artmosphere accommodates the venue.. Engagements range from a single lecture or impromptu, roundtable conversation, to weekend workshops, seminars or curated and collaborative shows. more information 

Ecological intelligence is genre-agnostic. Oika works with in any media or discipline  (visual arts, music, sculpture, conceptual, poetry, dance, digital, literary...

We teach artists how to practice Oika for creative inspiration and give them the language, concepts, and confidence to publicly communicate the eco-cultural value of their work

Open Call

Into the Artmosphere surfaces artists who are especially attuned and ready to integrate Oika into their work. Conversations with artists lead to collaborative projects that help cultivate unity, continuity and mutuality.  As affinities grow, we will be able to fund small-scale projects that integrate Oika. Grants range from $25 to $5000 depending on the complexity and scale of the work.

Humanity for Habitats

Oika partners with nearby areas of critical ecological habitat or environmental conservation projects. These programs are place-based opportunities to link local artists with ongoing, completed, or future ecological restoration projects. Participating artists will serve as habitat healers and advocate for local economic and ecological synergy.

Into the Artmosphere is science reaching out to art in order to realign culture with nature. This is not the usual scenario of science using art to communicate what it does. No, Into the Artmosphere is an urgent appeal for art to wake humanity up to the beautiful but tenuous reality that science has revealed.

The most friction-free way to introduce Oika is to release it directly into the living artmosphere

The most friction-free way to introduce Oika is to release it directly into the living artmosphere

Clarity for the confused

Art is the lifeblood of culture.

I listen deeply to nature. and this I know, as a scientist and sensitive, Oika is an existential requirement for the future flourishing of humanity as we enter the Anthropocene. In other words, if the Anthropocene is the Earth's response to humans, Oika is the only humane response to the Anthropocene.

Oika, and the curriculum of Cosmosis, is a conceptual and phenomenological framework that makes what artists do matter. But not merely matter. Oika casts the artistic community into the profoundly important role of modern shamanism with the task to heal by realigning culture and nature. 

You can think of Cosmosis as a container for all of the disciplines that science investigates and art expresses.  Cosmosis connects them all and gives them a higher-order purpose. Using the scientific history of the universe as an overarching narrative, the principles and practices of OIka make a forgotten ecological joy of the world palpable.  Through intimate personal experiences, Oika reconnects people to place, nature and each other.  Oika is about making science more entangling and art more empowering. 

Oika is more than an idea, or a method for doing art. It is an experience and a relinquished human birthright. But it is, at the end of the day, an idea, a big idea that embeds a paradigm shift. So, as I often forget, it is very difficult for people to see and appreciate what it means. Yes, even creative thinkers, conceptual artists and very often scientists find what I teach "unclear". That's a common side-effect of disciplinariity and part of the problem that created the mess of the Anthropocene in the first place. This is what art should be working to ameliorate.

Artists, you still hold the keys to the future. Please do something ecologically beautiful and meaningful!

I listen deeply to nature as both a scientist and sensitive. This is what she tells me.

I listen deeply to nature as both a scientist and sensitive. This is what she tells me.

If you know a community of local artists and would like to host a free, one-night conversation, reach out!