The future is ecological
or there isn't one

Oika IS...

an intelligence of belonging

Humans have grown homesick. Oika is a set of ecological principles and practices that remind us of how good it feels to simply be earthlings. We believe this feeling can restore an ancient way in a contemporary culture of mutual flourishing. more

accessible to all

Oika offers a suite of experiential programs that range from kids, to lifelong learners. Our arts-based personal and professional development courses help early-career optimists and the mid-career disillusioned create new paths to ecological prosperity. more...

an antidote to the crisis of our time

Humans are injuring the planet and each other needlessly. The ecological systems that have always sustained and delighted us are collapsing and we will soon follow. Oika believes the future is ecological, or there isn't one. more...

What's Oika About?

Oika aims to heal the world from our on-going crisis of discontent by realigning people & culture with the joy & intelligence of nature.

How Does Oika Work

Oika works not on symptoms, or even problems, but on the  deeper, root causes of our linked environmental, social, economic & political dis-ease.

How Can I Participate?

Oika offers an  online/outdoor nature practice course that you can take. 

We also have special opportunities for artists. more...

The Story of Oika

The story of Oika is a fish story that began when a fish somehow communicated a different path in life for a fisherman. The experience triggered an epiphany and a lifelong global quest to understand how such a communication could happen. Oika is what the fisherman discovered.

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