The future is beautiful. Or there isn't one.

The future is beautiful. Or there isn't one.

The future is beautiful. Or there isn't one.The future is beautiful. Or there isn't one.The future is beautiful. Or there isn't one.

April 4, 2020: As the coronavirus situation is unfolding, we have adapted all programming to meet the challenges and opportunities it presents. For the time being, all ongoing courses and events are channeled into a single online course. that can be accessed here:

This open enrollment course is free and asynchronous (so you join and catch up at your own pace). I'll be adding new content as we go.

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There are more good reasons than ever to stay healthy and hopeful. 

-- Rich


As ecological systems collapse, everything we have accomplished, all we cherish and everyone we love is at risk. The dwindling islands of affluence and influence still have a chance to activate a collective, ameliorative surge of what's best about us.

Oika is a small but growing community of artists, storytellers and media-makers dedicated to manifesting ecological intelligence through our work. We are creating a new culture in alliance and alignment with nature.

Oika is an intelligence of belonging

Humans have grown homesick. Oika is a set of ecological principles and practices that can help heal the world by reminding us of how good it feels to simply be earthlings. more

Oika is an antidote to our crisis of discontent

Social and economic crisis are two sides of the same ecological coin. Humans are injuring the planet and each other needlessly. Culture created this mess and must help clean it up.  more

Oika is accessible to all

Oika offers a suite of media and traveling experiential programs. Our science-based, arts-driven content helps early-career optimists and the mid-career disillusioned open new relationships with nature and generate ecological prosperity.  more

The Way of Oika is Storytelling

 The stories of contemporary culture tend to isolate us from the experience of nature and the feeling of being natural. It’s no wonder we've lost wonder.

The story Oika tells is mythical, magical, and rigorously scientific. It is a personal story of coalescence, arising through intellect and imagination.

The Story of OIka 

The story of Oika begins as a fish story when a bluefin tuna somehow communicates a different path in life for a fisherman. The experience triggers an epiphany and a lifelong global quest to understand how such communication happens. The story of Oika today is what the fisherman discovered.

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