Surfer's guide to the universe

A traveling collaborative of art, surf and cosmic ecology.

The Surfer’s Guide to the Universe is a month-long art residency wherein Rich Blundell builds surfboard art in collaboration with natural spaces and aspiring artists in thriving places. The mission is to stimulate new, local creative economies in a paradigm of ecological intelligence.

In this high-profile, public program, Rich Blundell drops anchor in coastal communities to produce place-based art with locals. Three local artists are invited to apply their work to one of Rich’s wooden surfboards. The conceptualizing theme is Oika and surfing provides an aesthetic context and medium. Work is organized around a call to “Elicit the ecological epiphany!” Over one month, the artists convene and converse as part of an Oika Nature Practice course for artists. They explore what Oika means in art, where ecological epiphanies happen locally, and how they can channel ecological communication into their contributed pieces. Completed works are exhibited locally and auctioned.

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How it works:

Dr. Rich Blundell partners with local arts and culture venues (galleries, collaborative workspaces, culture centers, etc). The venue provides a publicly visible space for the construction of four works of surfboard art. Three of these pieces will provide a substrate (a blank, surfboard-shaped wooden panel) for three, locally selected artists to contribute an ecologically intelligent work (paint, print, photo or other suitable application).

At the completion of the residency, these works will be auctioned at a high-profile fund-raising event. Funds raised will support the artists, venue, and enable a follow-up month-long Oika Arts course for the greater artistic community. Enrollment will be open to all artists for a limited number of seats (based on funds raised in the auction).