Stop messing around. The world needs a bigger you.

Oika is an innate leadership capacity derived from the same source of energy and creativity that powers the stars. This course will teach you how to harness and apply the power of nature in your professional life to get whatever you want. 

But the Oika Leadership Course is designed for a rare kind of entrepreneurial renegade. We only seek cultural-creatives who can simultaneously seek positive personal and global impact.

Oika is systems intelligence. It emphasizes broad, contextual awareness; precise, situational sensitivity and it thrivers on high-quality relationships. Keen empathy, creativity, and empowered responsiveness are key capacities. Oika leadership operates as a habit of expansive, ecological thought and decisive action. It is a personal capacity that can be witnessed, measured and improved.

The Oika Leadership Course dovetails structurally with the Oika Nature Practice Course but offers an advanced level of execution for people engaged in high-level, enterprise and entrepreneurial environments. It is an intense intellectual, physical and ecological experience delivered through an online component, one-on-one coaching and a rigorous outdoor practice program.

To get some, do what leaders do.