No magic formula, just magic.

Oika for Enterprise is a team-centered experiential program designed to cultivate more intelligent, productive and robust business ecologies. We treat corporate culture as a living organism, revealing vulnerabilities and opportunities in order to restore a deep, new source of co-operative purpose.

Global-scale systemic changes have taken business as usual off the menu. While the opposing forces of consolidation and expansion have been able to slow the inevitable decline of an outmoded economic model, even these strategies are just the last gasps of a dying paradigm. 

But just because the paradigm dies does not mean your business must. Paradigm shifts are agnostic, you have equal opportunity to die or thrive.

Oika is an ancient but radical idea for businesses. Inviting Oika for Enterprise into your corporate field will inject an exciting juxtaposition of energies and possibilities for your company or team to consider. There is no magic formula, just magic.

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