A call for Art to change the climate of our minds

Oika Arts is a grant-funded, traveling education program to infuse ecological intelligence back into culture.

Our goal is to stimulate new creative economies based on ecological principles that realign local culture with local nature.

We aim to reach artists where they are, while art is happening. So all Oika Arts projects are designed to effortlessly integrate with any ongoing arts program. We do this by taking a dual approach:

  1. Formal Oika Arts programs are partnerships with community arts organizations to create jointly-funded and delivered programs. These may include artist residencies, subsidized Oika Arts courses for local communities, place-based installations, or seasonal  and regional festival events.  Example..
  2. Interspersed among formal partnership programs are impromptu Oika Arts “interventions.” These short-notice, opportunistic events bring a dynamic, nature practice into the habits and habitats of local artists. We deliver a menu of services that include; salon-style, talks and conversations, weekend workshops and short courses in ecological intelligence.  Example...

Our platform for 2019 is a sailboat, cruising ports on the East Coast of the US. This allows us to deliver programs on short-notice within a moving geographical radius. 


Put your arts program or event on our radar and we’ll find a way to get Oika to you in a time and way that works for you.

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Project Concept

Eco-logical Arts for all

Marine ecosystems do not stop at the water’s edge. There are ancient patterns of interdependence that connect the land to the sea. Clouds carry the lifeblood of the oceans over mountains to replenish aquifers as nutrients flow from landscape to rivers and back again through the creatures of the sea. 

Humans have always participated in this prosperous cycle of life, experiencing it as a general background generosity of nature.Such reciprocity is the nature of all ecosystems. It’s felt in our deepest intuitions of love and now weeps through the wounds of the world we have created.

Oika extends the idea of ecological interconnectedness beyond the metaphor of nature and into the realms of culture, art, and human imagination. Ecological unity, continuity and reciprocity are the nature of reality. Returning the human psyche to flourish within this reality requires an epiphany of ecological intelligence.

Our time is critical. Into the Artmosphere is Oika’s plea for all artists to elicit the ecological epiphany!