A call for art to change the climate of our minds

Oika Arts is a subcultural, civilizational redesign project arising through a confluence of science, art, nature and culture. As science reveals the intelligence of nature, art must guide the creation of a new, ecologically intelligent culture.

If artists cannot find the way, the way cannot be found.

                                     -- Terence McKenna

Marine ecosystems do not stop at the water’s edge. There are ancient patterns of interdependence that connect the land to the sea. Clouds carry the lifeblood of the oceans over mountains to replenish aquifers.  Nutrients flow from landscape to farm, through rivers and swamps, and back again to the bodies of creatures who inhabit the sea. 

Humans have always participated in this prosperous cycle of life, experiencing it as the background generosity of nature. Such distributed reciprocity is the nature of nature. It’s felt in our deepest intuitions of love but now also weeps through the wounds of the world we have created.

Oika extends the idea of ecological interconnectedness beyond the metaphor of nature and into realms of culture, art, and human imagination. Ecological unity, continuity and reciprocity are the nature of reality. Returning the human psyche to flourish within this reality requires an epiphany of ecological intelligence.

Oika Arts is an initiative to realign culture and nature.  Our time is critical. Into the Artmosphere is Oika’s plea for all artists to elicit the ecological epiphany!


Oika Arts FAQ

What is it?


Oika Arts is the most important art movement yet to happen. It is a call for artists to get educated in ecological intelligence and bring their immense energies and creative powers to bear on the crisis of discontent that is driving contemporary, crap culture.

Oika Arts is an opportunity for artist and nature to infuse and restore their original, organic alliance.

Why is it vital?


Our time is existential. In the Anthropocene, all that humanity has accomplished, and all that we value and care about is at stake. This ecological crisis is unlike any before because it is planetary in scale and embeds deep, psychic resistance. We're all responsible for this mess but some of us have still have a capacity to do something about it.  

Do something about it.

Who is it for?


Oika Arts aims to restore ecological intelligence in culture directly through the work of artists. The initial version of the program is for radical thinkers willing to apply their talents, energies and vision to nature-culture realignment.

Ecological intelligence will expand, refine and enhance your work and empower you to better communicate to your audience.

How is it implemented?


The seed of this project is a traveling lecture series that convenes small groups of place-based artists from diverse genres.  Through an invite-only, salon-style format, we engage in deep, exploratory conversations around the principles and practices of Oika. These informal gatherings give  inspired artists an opportunity to further participate by designing  individual and community programs.

What is special about Oika Arts?


Oika is accessible because it is phenomenological -- a felt experience. Oika makes ecological intelligence intimate, personal, powerful and live-able. We also use the scientific story of the universe, and human imagination, to access the core experiences of unity, continuity and reciprocity. 

This process of Cosmosis is unique to Oika Arts.

How can I do it?


This grant-funded, educational program aims to reach artists where they are, while art is happening. So all Oika Arts projects are designed to effortlessly integrate with ongoing. arts programs and residencies.

If you want your art to matter, and know other artists like you, who want to improve life on earth, reach out through the contact form below.

Put your arts program or event on our radar and we’ll find a way to get Oika to you in a time and way that works for you.

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Ecological restoration is integral

We work in partnership with conservation and restoration projects worldwide

As a member of the Society for Ecological Restoration, Oika Arts connects local artists with ongoing ecological restoration projects to tell and celebrate scientific success stories. We also launch initiatives in communities with ecological degradation problems in order to inspire new restoration projects. In both cases, the collaboration of artists and scientists provides an optimistic vision for the future and can stimulate new creative economies as integral parts of local ecosystems.

Our goal is to stimulate new creative economies based on ecological principles that realign local culture with local nature.