Oika Nature Practice Course

What is it?


The Oika Practice Course is an entry-level program for cultivating an enhanced relationship with nature. It is a place-based journey of cosmic, ecological, and personal self-discovery. With nature as source and guide, this course generates new sources of creativity, friendship, joy, well-being and wisdom. The course is as big as the cosmos and will expand your sense of self as far as your imagination can take you. 

Who is it for?


This course is designed for anyone 21-years or older (we have other programs for kids, teens and early-career adults). Oika Practice works particularly well for mid-career professionals and those open to low-impact physical challenges but high-impact emotional and intellectual stimulation. 

Artists and cultural creatives are particularly encouraged. 

Who teaches it?


The principles and practices of Oika were developed by Dr. Rich Blundell who also teaches the course.  You can request a detailed framework behind the course here.

Rich is assisted by one experienced, course facilitator who has been practicing Oika for at least one year. Local group outings (such as Yoga, Hammoiking and kayaking) may also be organized independently.

Why should I take it?


People should take this course for the same reason they would take any health or intellectual self-improvement course such as meditation, Yoga, surfing or other active retreats. You can also expect to re-align with nature, find community (including non-human friends), get in shape, improve wellness, and create new peace of mind.

How is the course delivered


Each Oika Practice course is delivered through an online Oika Board. The Oika Board provides a game-like, visual progression through the course. Students do not edit or upload anything to the Oika Board, it is primarily a source for course content.  See full-size screengrab and a synopsis of course progression below.

How much does it cost?


The one-month introductory course costs:

  • $100 if paid for in advance
  • $120 if paid weekly. 
  • After the the Introductory course, participants can continue for $5/week indefinitely).

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Science-based, Research-driven

The Oika Practice Course is designed as a paradigm-shifting, boundary-dissolving  experience that can be enjoyed by anyone. The closer you allow your personal identity to align with nature, the more expansive you'll discover your "self" to be. The integrated process of Oika opens unforeseen, or perhaps just forgotten, access to the connective and creative forces of nature that drive the cosmos. We know, this sounds like New Age psychobabble. It is not. The content of Oika is founded on nothing but the natural sciences (astronomy, geology biology, etc.) and driven by qualitative research in transformative education.  So despite the aspirational tone and sometimes soaring language, please be assured, we do not compromise on our commitment to real science.

Oika practice course progression

Module 1: PERSON


In the PERSON module we sustain the intention of Mettā (loving-kindness) as a safe place from which to really look at who we are, and how we got here. Don’t worry, you’ll do this self-examination in private and it will actually feel good. It will be exciting and empowering because you’re going to discover an amazing new capacity within yourself that ties you to the same creative forces that power the stars.

The PERSON module should only take a couple of days. We provide the prompts for you to simply ask yourself a series of short questions that eventually reveal the underlying code at work behind the scenes of your life. You’ll discover the keys to that code and learn how to re-script it for the changes you’d like to see in your life.

The PERSON module is all about seeing the opportunity for ecological growth, and opening new channels of communication with nature. Where this exchange happens is discovered locally, on the pathway through the next module.

Module 2: PLACE


If we do it right, the PLACE module will feel like falling in love. Because you will be. You may already have an intuition that there are hidden forces, phenomena and friends all around you. In the PLACE module, you’ll have the opportunity to clarify and nurture that intuition into a more real and responsive relationship.

By spending receptive time in your local place, you’ll discover they are alive with communication and community. Once you find the secret spots, where the conversation really happens, you’ll make surprising new friends who are eager to share their insights with you. You’ll see new beauty and find yourself participating in a kind of place-based natural magic. 

In the PLACE module you’ll also begin to feel the difference between owning and belonging. Your relationship with place will grow to become a source, and a destination to engage in the language of Oika. In the next module of the course, you’ll learn new practices that can deepen and expand the conversation.

Module 3: PRACTICE


Oika PRACTICE is how the new alliance found between the PERSON and PLACE is wound and weaved into the fabric of who you are. This module will offer you a suite of tools and practices to expand and deepen the relationship you started with your place. 

Oika tools include a selection of created and curated technologies, apps and media that support the real experience in the real world.

But the most fruitful ways to the benefits of ecological intelligence are the Oika Practices. Most of these practices are simple enough to become part of the patterns of daily life. Others will call for, and call forth, new capacities for deep perception and connection.

Example Oika Practices include:

  • Hammoiking
  • Earth Stories
  • Getting into the Gaian Mind
  • Radical Affection
  • Cosmosis
  • Seeing the Light of the Forest
  • Feeling Fractals
  • Deep Listening to the music of nature
  • And many more

Once it starts, an Oika practice never ends. So by the end of the PRACTICE module you’ll be living in a different world than the one you were merely visiting before. You will be immersed in a more beautiful and joy-filled landscape of opportunity. When this happens, there will be a gentle reorienting of what matters. That's what we’ll explore more deeply in the final phase of the course.

The oika practice course is open-enrollment. sign up anytime.

Module 4: PROSPER


The POSPER module is all about integrating all that you’ve learned and encountered during the Oika Practice Course. This will happen in both subtle and profound ways. As you integrate the experience, you’ll find the things you learned about yourself in the PERSON module mapping new ways out of old thought patterns. You’ll feel the power of story at work all around and within you. But you’re no longer a victim or slave to those old narratives. Now you are an active, participating author of new stories. 

From your time spent in your PLACE, you will discover new capacities for connection with ALL places. In new places, you’ll meet up with familiar friends and phenomena that inhabit the natural world and they will greet you as such. You’ll discover that your alliance with nature is transportable across all habitats; even into the so-called human world. You have become a bridge between nature and culture and people will be attracted to it. Let them cross your bridge.

The PRACTICES of ecological attunement cultivated within yourself will liberate you in ways you never imagined. This is because you are no longer operating alone in the world. The whole world is now manifest within you. This is an incredibly empowered situation because you’re now in cahoots with the creative forces of the planet, nature, and if you’re really paying attention, the whole cosmos.

All of this power and joy comes with a special kind of gratitude. You will discover how things that used to really bring you down, no longer matter. You’ll have a clarity of vision that reveals what truly matters and that is where you’ll choose to belong. You will have a surplus of loving capacity and can easily share it with the ones you love, and even more generously with those you thought you didn’t. 

This simple process now emanates from you, propagates into the world through the culture you create, and the world begins to heal itself naturally.

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