Adaptations in a time of change

Into the Artmosphere presents an on-ramp of opportunity for curators and artists to level-up their ecological intelligence, launch new projects, sell their work and get paid. Note: Ecological intelligence is genre-agnostic. Oika works with in any media or discipline  (visual arts, storytelling, music, sculpture, conceptual, poetry, dance, digital, literary...).

We are adapting to the current situation by converging ongoing projects and cohorts into a single stream. This new program will be open to a wider range of artists and allow asynchronous participation (people may join at any time and catch up with content at their own pace). Delivery of this consolidated course will flow through a single, public Trello board

We'll be updating the content through occasional live-streamed YouTube videos.

Step 1: Introductory Conference Call

Curators (or artists within art communities) organize a free, video conference call with Dr. Rich Blundell. Curators are paid for calls of 10 or more artists that they enlist. 

The initial call is a conversation about ecological intelligence for artists. We’ll explore what ecological intelligence is, how artists can experience, access and manifest it in their work. We’ll also consider the relationships between art, science, and nature in new economic paradigms. Artists will discover a larger ecological role for art in contemporary culture and learn about the many ways creative people can further participate in Oika. 

Conversations are in English and participation is a prerequisite to take further steps with Oika (see below).

Step 2: Oika "Talkshop"

Self-selected artists from the call who wish to go deeper are invited to participate in a free, Talkshop. These can be either in-person 3-day (with Rich) or month-long, virtual courses (with Rich and curator). In either case, Talkshops use video conferencing, conceptual exploration using Trello, and self-directed contemplative practices in local habitats to develop ecological intelligence. Conversations are in English and curators are paid to manage each cohort of 6-10. Artists who complete the Talkshop are eligible to apply for Step 3.

Step 3: Oika Workshops & Exhibitions

Artists and curators surfaced in Step 2 are eligible to apply for a spot within an Oika workshop and exhibition. These unfold locally over 3-6 months and include deeper instruction, group and solo local nature practice and support to produce Oika art for exhibition in a culminating event.  Oika curators are paid to manage the process and are also eligible to participate as artists. Workshop cohorts are made of locally-based artists and must include at least one dedicated documentarian (photographer, filmmaker, journalist etc) to tell the story of the group.

The Oika workshop curriculum requires participants to form a new relationship with local habitats. Thus we encourage and can support participants to undertake ecological restoration projects. Support will be made according to the needs, scale and complexity of the projects.

Step 4: Oika Curatorial Corps and Artist Representation

Oika has developed a framework for long-term support of dedicated artists and curators. We'll be using Into the Artmosphere to cultivate these relationship throughout 2020.