dear art universe

Our time is critical. As we enter a crisis called the Anthropocene, ecological systems are already collapsing. As they do, everything we have accomplished, everything we cherish and everyone we love are at stake. 

We in the dwindling islands of affluence and influence still have a chance to activate a collective surge of ameliorative art.  This is the call of Oika. 

The Anthropocene is a mirror reflecting a flawed way of thinking that separates humans and culture from nature. We have created this existential malaise by failing to express, in a compelling and attractive way, the beautiful and fundamental truth of our natural belonging. In other words, our alienation is a failure of art.

But the mirror also reveals a last sliver of opportunity. Hidden within the toxic consequences of vapid culture are glimpses that can inspire a new, transcendent category of artistic response. Oika is committed to the redemptive function of art. The fate of humanity and art are one, and the future of art is both beautiful and ecological. Or there isn’t one. 

This global-scale scenario motivates an emergency artistic intervention called Oika Arts. I am an ecologist who has been reaching out directly to artists in order to shift consciousness and culture. My work focuses on integrating an ecological, phenomenological and practical framework, into artistic and creative communities. There is real urgency driving this work. 

I believe the fastest, friction-free way to introduce Oika to artists is to release it directly into the living artmosphere. Into the Artmosphere is designed as a stand-alone, impromptu, artists-forum, making it suitable for ongoing residencies, festivals, open studio events, living rooms, libraries, colleges and community centers. The content focuses on the natural history of art and artist and is suitable for ANY genre, niche or medium.

Through round-table conversations, coupled to a short field practice, I'll provide a conceptual toolkit that empowers artists to create personally and ecologically transformative art. I also equip artists with a new natural narrative, new language and the confidence to communicate the value of their work publicly.

To be clear: this is an emergency intervention. I'm not proposing to develop a class or workshop for "next season".  Into the Artmosphere is designed to drop seamlessly into ongoing arts programs. I’ll be able to provide Into the Artmosphere free-of-charge, as a stand-alone supplement to ANY gathering of artists, but only while my current funding holds out through the end of 2019.

Please help spread the word through art networks and social media. Or if you know of a suitable arts program currently in-progress, or starting soon anywhere in North America, please reach out to me directly.

With love, gratitude and a final kick in the pants,